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60% of thirteen to seventeen year olds have at least one social media profile.

88% of teens have cell phones, or access to one.


71% of teens use more than one social networking site.


Help for Parents

Does Your Child do this when you come around?


• unexpectedly stops using their device(s) 

• appears nervous or jumpy when using device(s) 

• appears uneasy about being at school or outside 

• appears to be angry, depressed, or frustrated after texting, chatting, using social media, or gaming 

• becomes abnormally withdrawn 

• avoids discussions about their activities online 

If so, your child may be experiencing a form of cyberbullying.

Read more about signs to watch out for here.

9 Ways To Respond to Your Child
  1. Listen first. 
  2. Don't retaliate. 
  3. Respond thoughtfully, not fast. 
  4. Be Open-Minded & consider other perspectives.
  5. Document any evidence
  6. Reach out for help. 
  7. Acknowledge your child's resilience 
  8. Remember that bullies have often been bullied too
  9. Restore your child's confidence

    Click Source: Hinduja, S. & Patchin, J. W. (2018). Cyberbullying Identification,               Prevention, and Response. Cyberbullying Research Center (

Tips on Responding to CyberBullying
Get Help For Your Child.

Here's a frequently updated list of Internet, gaming, and social media companies and their contact information so you know exactly where to get help

Click Here to Access

Download Your Parent's Guide to CyberBullying

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