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Make An Impact

Your donations to Brown Girls Code helps us provide training, mentorship and STEM education to prepare girls for 21st Century opportunities. Your donation will help us:

Reach more girls through our programming

Develop engaging curriculum for our clubs and global classrooms

Recruit and train Instructors, Staff and Facilitators for our Clubs and Summer Camps

Create innovative programs to ensure that we stay abreast of the changes in technology


Interested in raising funds for Brown Girls Code?


You can make an impact from where you are by starting your own fundraiser within your community or workplace. Some fundraiser ideas are as follows: 

  • Hosting a Bake or Garage Sale

  • Organizing a Walkathon to raise monies

  • Hosting a bake sale or lemonade stand

  • Partnering with a local restaurant to raise funds

  • Invite family & Friends to make donations in lieu of birthday gifts.

Image by Janita Sumeiko
Image by Perry Grone

Community Fundraisers

Help raise funds for BGC by creating a Fundraiser with your family and friends

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