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Help for Kids & Teens

When kids & teens are bullied, it makes them feel helpless and worthless. However, there are tips that can be taken to protect yourself and get help. The most important thing a person can do is talk to a trusted adult as soon as it happens.  

12 Ways To Respond to CyberBullying  
  1. Know it's not your fault
  2. Don't respond. 
  3. Don't retaliate. 
  4. Save the evidence. 
  5. Tell the Person to Stop.
  6. Block the bully. 
  7. Reach out for help. 
  8. Use available tech and reporting tools.
  9. Protect your accounts (passwords, etc.) 
  10. Be civil. 
  11. Don't be a bully.  
  12. Be a friend, not a bystander. 
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Tips on Responding to CyberBullying
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