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BROWN GIRLS CODE is a program for all girls (ages 8 to 18). The club focuses on the next generation of girls in an effort to increase their knowledge and enthusiasm for the STEM fields with emphasis on coding, cybersecurity, technology and robotics.  Brown Girls in Tech saw a greater need to create curriculum and learning experiences that focus on engaging more brown girls so that they become interested in entering the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts and math---thus, Brown Girls Code was formed. 


We do a lot of things in club. We learned how to be brave and courageous and strong. Working with a group of people can be very challenging but in Brown Girls Code, they help us learn in way we've never thought of. Our teachers Ms. Ebony, Ms. Alicia and Ms. Lisa are encouraging us to do better by helping others and by creating things we never created before.


Brown Girls Code has challenged and helped a lot of girls with confidence when speaking in audiences. The reason girls who code was founded was because of the lack of girls in computer science. We love Brown Girls Code. It is so fun. We really enjoy it, and everybody should say it’s soooooooo fun. We hope you like our passage. 


"I loved going to coding every two weeks to code and hang out with the girls there.They made the experience very amazing."



Women in Tech, Women Who Inspire Series
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